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Create and convert large amounts of character data for free

Doing a lot of simple tasks over and over again can be frustrating. Excel macros and programming would make it easier, but I don't have the time and skills to create one. We have released a service that can be used conveniently at such times. All of them are services created and used when the administrator of this site was in trouble. Please use it when you need to process a large amount of data such as data editing or writing in Excel. All services are free.

Web analytics
Date・Character analysis
Update information

Web analytics

It is a service that inputs the URL and automatically extracts information from the target WEB page. Just like a little scraping.

Date・Character analysis

What do you do when you have to regularly decompose and combine large amounts of data? It's often too much data to do manually. Can you use Excel function? Or can you make a macro? Both are time consuming and cumbersome. We have released a web service that can be used in such cases.


This is a free service about address data. We have a service that divide a large number of addresses into cities, streets, and addresses. Also a service that randomly generates addresses too.

Update information

May 03, 2024
Released a new service "Generate Authentic-sounding Names Randomly".
Feb. 17, 2023
Released a new service "Convert 2-byte hiragana and katakana to alphabet".
Jan. 20, 2023
Released a new service "Get the latitude and longitude of a large number of addresses at once".
Jan. 01, 2023
Added Spanish and Portuguese pages.
Dec. 31, 2022
The option of "Convert half-width katakana/alphabet to full-width" service has been added to "Convert 1-byte katakana and alphabet to 2-byte".
Jun. 11, 2021
Improved so that the extraction result of "Extract link and URL in web page" service is always an absolute path.
Nov. 17, 2020
Generate random US address data was released.
Sep. 27, 2020
Reduce multiple replacements to one using a dictionary was released.
Sep. 23, 2020
Separate characters with freely specified characters (SPLIT) was released.
Jun. 28, 2020
Get municipal code from address was released.
May. 09, 2020
Extract link and URL in WEB page was released.
May. 07, 2020
Extraction and counting duplicate rows was released.
May. 06, 2020
The site has been renewed.
Apr. 01, 2019
Corresponds to the Japanese new era "Reiwa".
Mar. 20, 2019
Merge of EXCEL table was released.
Mar. 02, 2019
Extraction of link and URL in WEB page was released.
Nov. 18, 2017
Generate random address data service was released.
Nov. 13, 2017
Address analysys service was released.
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