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Generate Authentic-sounding Names Randomly

Generate a large batch of Japanese surname and given name combinations. Leveraging real person data ensures highly authentic results. Common surnames like Suzuki and Tanaka will be generated more frequently, while rare surnames and names will have lower occurrence rates. Ideal for scenarios requiring vast and accurate data, such as system testing.

[ Example 1 ]
This is a random output of both male and female names. You can also filter by gender to output only male or only female names.


[ Example 2 ]
You can break down the names into surnames and given names, and display them along with gender and reading kana.

Female Rei Abe 阿部
Male Shota Morita 森田 翔太
Female Riko Sakuma 佐久間 理子

Data generation

Please select the output format and press the button.

Number of output :   (Max:1000)

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