Generate random US address data

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Covers 50 states! Generate a large number of random US addresses

Create a large amount of random American address data at once using real American place names. Zip codes, states and cities use real data, and other items are fictitious data. The data to be generated includes a PO Box. Please use it for testing systems that require a large amount of American addresses.

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[ Example 1 ]

943 Kiwi Av #413, Guthrie, KY 42234
341 Blueberry Dr, Monona, WI 53713
57 Grapefruit St, Tempe, AZ 85287

[ Example 2 ]
States, cities and other items can be broken down into separate columns.

943 Kiwi Av #413 Guthrie KY 42234
341 Blueberry Dr   Monona WI 53713
57 Grapefruit St   Tempe AZ 85287

Data generation

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