Generate random Japanese address data

This service generates random Japanese address data using the actual place name. Since it generates by giving a random lot number to the actual place name, it becomes data equivalent to the real thing. Please use it when you need a large amount of strict data in system test etc.

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[ Example 1 ]
The most common English notation.

640-13 Osaki, Ako shi, Hyogo ken
4-56-2 Kitayasue, Kanazawa shi, Ishikawa ken
332-10 Okubo, Himi shi, Toyama ken

[ Example 2 ]
Break down cities and prefectures into separate columns.

680-6 Shirasakacho Seto shi Aichi ken
1-18-5 Sangenjaya Setagaya ku Tokyo to

[ Example 3 ]
Notation of Japanese.


Data generation

Please select the output format and press the button.

Number of output :   (Max:1000)

English and separation.
Japanese (separate by hyphens)
Japanese (separate by word)
Japanese and separation.